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Habitat 67, an Architectural Icon, Arrives at a Crossroads

Dexter Peart, however, says that even though Habitat is going through a transformation, with younger people moving in, he doesn’t think anything, including a developer, can change the feel of the community. “The energy of Habitat is set. It’s peaceful. Everyone gets to use the space as they see it,” he says.

Mr. Peart, 50, who founded a design company, and his wife, Maria Varvarikos Peart, 46, who owns a public-relations concern, bought their three-cube apartment in 2006 for about $446,000 the morning after they first saw it. “It was always a dream of mine to live there,” says Ms. Varvarikos Peart.

The couple, who have two daughters, now 11 and 9, have renovated their apartment, putting in an extra bedroom, a library and an open kitchen. They thought about moving to a house, but couldn’t bear to leave. Mr. Peart says his children don’t want to go either. His older daughter has asked if they would get another unit just for her, he says.

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