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End of the Pandemic Means No More Outdoor Seating in NYC

It’s the end of an era. The pandemic has finally ended, and with it, the days of outdoor seating in New York City. Restaurants and cafes all over the city are scrambling to find ways to keep their businesses afloat now that they can no longer offer their customers a place to sit outside and enjoy the weather. This is sure to be a huge blow to the local economy, as people have come to love spending their weekends sitting at sidewalk tables, eating and drinking with friends.

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But while the end of outdoor seating may be sad news for some, it’s also a sign that things are finally getting back to normal. After more than a year of being cooped up indoors, New Yorkers can finally start enjoying the city again without having to worry about getting sick. So while we may miss our favorite outdoor spots, we can take comfort in knowing that the end of the pandemic is finally in sight.

Plus the outdoor seating was improvised without any plans and offers a perfect roof for rodents who can make a living under the structures, so the end of outdoor seating is good news for hygiene as well. So while we mourn the loss of our outdoor seating, we can also take solace in knowing that it was never really meant to last. Thanks for the memories, outdoor seating

The city will be cleaning up and getting ready for a new beginning. Restaurants will have to find new ways to attract customers, and the economy will slowly start to recover. But in the meantime, we can all enjoy the fact that the end of the pandemic is finally here.

What do you think about the end of outdoor seating in NYC? Do you think it’s a good thing or a bad thing? Let us know in the comments!

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