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Wines That Entertain as Well as Impress

At a time of year when people are looking for light wines, our wine columnist went out in search of the lighthearted. While these wines may have silly names, they’re no lightweights in terms of quality.

LIGHTEN UP Some winemakers choose to share their sense of humor on the label with amusing names or graphics. As long as the wine inside the bottle is no joke, why not?Illustration: Iker Ayestaran

A FEW WEEKS AGO, I went shopping for a wine that could make me laugh. And if not laugh, then at least smile a bit.

I don’t mean cheap, cheerful plonk with catchy names and cartoon animals on the labels (though I found plenty of those) but, rather, wines from talented producers who happen to have a sense of humor. It seemed a fitting endeavor for this time of year, when many people are looking to drink lighter wines. Why not a wine that’s lighthearted too?

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