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What Is The Difference Between Single Malt and Double Malt?

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Are you a fan of single malt and double malt whiskeys? But can you explain exactly how these two differentiate from one another? A better understanding of single and double malt whiskey can make you enjoy it even more and begin to like it more and more.

Whiskey is a term used to describe strong alcoholic spirits derived from fermenting grains. To create whiskey, brewers utilize various grains such as barley, maize, rye, and wheat. On the other hand, Malt whiskey is produced entirely of malted barley and is the most common type.

What is the History of Whiskey?

The name whisky originates from the Gaelic expression ‘Uisge Beatha‘ – which translates ‘water of life.’ The world’s oldest whiskey claims are still a source of contention between the Irish and the Scots. There’s also a great tale behind the introduction of whiskey. On his first visit to Scotland in 1822, King George IV ordered a drink of whiskey.

The issue was that whisky was illegal in those days. But how could anyone reject a king’s request? Then, in 1823, the Excise Act was passed to make whiskey lawful. Eventually, whiskey manufacturers arose that were legally permitted to market and distribute whiskey.

What exactly is Malt?

First and probably most important, we must grasp what malt is. Malt is a dried fermented grain at the end of the day. Malting is the method of changing a raw grain into a germinated grain. If it pertains to single malts, barley malt is the most common foundation grain.

Lastly, malt whiskey is a spirit created from malted barley. The rules that regulate the definitions, on the other hand, differ somewhat per jurisdiction.

What Is Single Malt?

Single malt whiskies are created from a single distillery by using one sort of grain throughout the mashing. It is typically more costly than other types of whiskey. Lagavulin, Bowmore, Aberlour, Talisker, and The Ardmore Legacy are some of the world’s best-known single malt distilleries. Scotland, Ireland, and Japan are just a few of the countries that make single malt whiskey. Whiskey can be called ‘Scotch’ if it comes from Scotland, regardless of being blended or single malt.

What Is Double Malt?

Double malt whiskey is a whiskey that has been combined from two independent distilleries. Dwarf variations of whiskies with single malt as the foundation element make up double malt or blended whiskey. The majority of double malts are prepared with hand-picked scotch malts and the best Indian grains.

It’s then matured in oak barrels until it’s perfect. The whiskey will have the right scent and traditional flavors as a result of this. Wheat, maize are both basic ingredients in double malt whisky.

How is Single Malt Different from Double Malt?

When it concerns flavoring, single malts have a mild fruity flavor on the tongue and fades dry. Double malt, but on the other hand, offers a variety of flavors, is robust in flavor, and has a prolonged aftertaste. The simplest option to determine between single and double malt is to try them individually.


Both single and double malt possess their specific characteristics. It cannot be easy to identify between the two. However, if you are regular with drinking, you might by now know what difference lies between the two.

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